Lets Get Away

We are always going somewhere for the weekend with the mountains just 3 hours away in one direction and 3 hours to the beach in the other direction.  Here are some of my favorite weekend travel essentials for our quick getaways.  

The Weekender Bag

Finding the perfect bag for weekend trips can be difficult.  Thats why I was so excited when I finally found one that would fit all my needs.  The Fawn Weekender is made of premium vegan leather and has a roomy interior and a variety of inside pockets to keep you organized.  This bag comes in 4 colors. 

The Sound Machine

We have a sound machines in our bedroom that we used to travel with, but it takes up so much space.  I was thrilled when they came out with a portable version.  We just throw it in the bag and it takes up no space at all.

The Makeup Bag

I’ve bought tons of makeup bags, disliked everyone of them.  I needed more organization than a train case.  Then I found this one!  The dividers are rearrangable, it offers a spot for makeup brushes and a zipper section where I can put my eyeshadow pallets.  

The Cord Organizer

When you are lugging around a phone, iPad and computer you end up with quite a bit of cords. I found this nifty organizer to keep them straight.  

The Shoes

I love shoes- I like them to match all my outfits, but realistically packing 6 pairs of shoes not an option. Which is why I was so excited when I found Cambiama (pronounced Cam-Bee-Amee) They offer the ultimate in customizable shoes!  And they are comfortable!!  I just switch the straps out to match my outfit.  

The Razor

I love my Billie Razor, but when I’m tight on space you just can’t beat the Venus mini travel razor.  Billie please make a travel razor for us.  

The Body Wash

Spongella makes the best body wash sponge/loofa’s I love their travel size.  I can throw it in my bag and toss it when I leave.  

The Makeup Wipes

I love how the Neutrogena wipes are individually packaged, I don’t have to carry around a big pack of wipes anymore.