I’m always excited when we plan another trip to the tiny home.  No matter how many times we have come up to the mountains we always discover something new each time.  Most people think there is nothing to do in the mountains but the opportunities are endless.  

This trip we discovered a small town called McCaysville/Copperhill.  It’s nestled right on the border of Georgia and Tennessee.  These small towns are only a 15 minute drive from Blue Ridge or an hour train ride along the Tocca River on the Blue Ridge Express.  The towns are slowly being brought back to life since the railway died to make a stop.  

We drove the 15 minute drive to McCaysville and decided to save the train ride for cooler weather and when we could bring the children with us.  Thankfully we arrived before the train did, the town got quite busy once the train arrived.  

We started with lunch at one the the two restaurants along the river at the Riverwalk shops.   The view was amazing and you could order from either restaurant and they would bring it to you.  I chose to eat at Twisted Tomato while my husband ate at Burra Burra.   While my pizza was amazing his burger was hands down the best (and the French Fries I could of eaten just those) We did decide that next time we want to try the Cuban restaurant in the middle of town- it was always packed when we walked by.   

The shops where wonderful to explore.  It was not a bunch of touristy shops like you would find other places.  All the shops had a very unique feel to them.  We also found a wood working store with some beautiful rustic pieces at amazing prices.  They had an amazing pasta shop called the Pasta Market selling homemade marinara and some beautiful art stores.  They also have a Blue Ridge Olive oil company and they have the best olive oils, we usually pick some up in Blue Ridge when we visit.  



We really enjoyed McCaysville/Copper Hill the people extremely friendly and the atmosphere was just amazing. We enjoyed being able to walk along the river.  Also the kids in us enjoyed being in both states at once.  The have a blue line drawn across town (even in stores) showing which state was which.  If you find your self in the Blue Ridge mountains I highly recommend checking out this gem of a town.  I’ll let everyone know how the railroad ride is another time.