Back to School

School is finally is session!! After 6 months out of school things are finally getting back to normal, the new normal.  Last week both of my children headed back to school, both were beyond excited to get back to school.  Thankfully they attend a charter school K-8th that has smaller class sizes.  Jadyn started middle school and Logan entered the 4th grade.  Let me know if you can see them in the picture below 🙂 

Whats New?

When the children arrive in car line temperatures are checked before they exit the car.  

Every student is required to wear their masks during the day.  They are allowed to take them off when outside and eating lunch.  Thankfully the school has worked hard to give them as much outdoor learning time as possible.  

Classes no longer rotate the teachers do and lunch is now in the classrooms.  

Teachers are working hard on giving students more outdoor learning so they can be without their masks.

Beyond the Bell now separates the children into smaller groups by ages so they can still socially distance all the children.

Favorite Covid School Supplies!

Some of our favorite back to school supplies for this year have been Old Navy Face-masks!  These fit the children perfect! 

The kids can no longer directly drink from the water fountains so we have fallen in love with the 18oz HydroFlasks!  

Mask Lanyards are the greatest thing ever for children!  We are actually keeping track of our masks now!!!

Its sure going to be an interesting year this year but we can’t wait to start!!!