Hi, I'm Mrs.Jones

Actually its Katy, there is just something whimsical about being Mrs.Jones.  

I haven’t always been Mrs. Jones, life has had a lot of twists and turns. I think it’s what really taught me to love what matters in life.  It’s like a breath of fresh air or a drink of water when you really put life into perspective.  So what matters? For me God comes first and it’s a daily fight to keep him at the top. After that it’s family, all those little moments they pass by so quick and you can never get them back.  Friends those are the people who keep you going day in and day out.  My husband and my mom are my best friends. There the two people I can count on the most.   

I’m sure for most people this would be obvious.  Not Katy, I swear it took God taking me to rock bottom before I could figure it out. If I could go back and talk some sense into my high school self.  I’ve been through a lot, abuse, divorce, single mom no job, mountains of credit card debt. And some things I’m not sure I’ll be able to open up about.  It made me stronger, it made me realize what matters. I hope you’ll join me in my journey of life and see where it takes us. 

Travel- I think my favorite this to do it travel.  My husband and I love scuba diving and relaxing resorts.  When we got on vacation we want to be pampered.  We love adventures. I think that’s why I feel so much I love with scuba diving. It’s just a different word. 

Fashion|Beauty- I’m not a fashionista, I’m a long way from it. But I just love when I can find the perfect outfit.  I have a horrible shoe obsession.  I also love the fun of makeup, it just makes a girl feel good to enhance her own natural beauty. Skincare seems to be my newest love- bring in my 30’s I’m realizing maybe the Mary Kay lady might of been right. 

Life- I’m a wife, mom, daughter there’s so many dynamics in my life. Being re-married, having 2 kids trying to navigate the co-parent lifestyle along with some heartbreak when the kids do get letdown. I’m so thankful my husband is always there to step up to the plate. My husband happens to also be 20 years my senior. He’s my rock, but sometimes we do have that age gap. He’s got a son who just recently got married. So we always seem to have something exciting going on.   

The cat- yes he’s that important he get his own blurb. He’s the cat and we all love him a little to much. Pretty sure my husband and my daughter love him more than they love me. Just don’t tell them that I know their secret. 

Work- my husband and I both work in Real Estate/Mortgages so we keep pretty busy with work. If I mention work then your in for a treat because it’s my least favorite subject to talk about even though I love my job. Trust me no one wants to have me ramble on about work.